Code of Conduct

discussRH, and it’s previous incarnation of Zapbox, is known for and proud of its active, friendly, supportive and positive community. This is due in large part to the Community adhering to unofficial guidelines that generate mutual respect.

As the discussRH community grows from a collection of email lists, to a full online interactive environment, some lines need to be drawn to ensure discussRH continues to be a constructive, non-offesive and friendly place where all Reproductive Health advocates feel welcome to discover, share and connect.

Below are the simple guidelines that comprise the discussRH Community Code of Conduct. We thank all in advance for their thoughtful and conscious adherence to these simple guidelines as they interact with their fellow Community members.

Code of Conduct

The following content is encouraged:

  • Insightful and topical content
  • Open, honest debate
  • Factual information
  • Constructive criticism

The following content is forbidden:

The following behavior is encouraged:

  • Be respectful – everyone enjoys being treated according to The Golden Rule
  • Be considerate – your contributions and comments will be referenced by our peers and possibly put into practice. When in doubt, don't post it. Take a deep breath, check your facts, etc. It's better to wait if you are unsure of something or too frustrated to think clearly.
  • Stay on topic - it is helpful to all to keep the content clear and concise.

The following behavior is forbidden:

This Code of Conduct covers our behavior as members of the discussRH Community, both in the mailing lists (also known as Zapbox) and on this web site ( or The mailing list and website administrator, along with its group moderators, will arbitrate in any dispute over the conduct of a member of the Community.